Gun Trusts

The Advantages of a Gun Trust

Sure, there are lots of cheap forms on the Internet and lots of attorneys who will provide inexpensive gun trusts.  Those documents can create a gun trust; but is it a gun trust that meets your needs?

Gun trusts are most useful for owners of Title II or what are often called “class 3” firearms.  Class 3 firearms include suppressors, fully automatic firearms such as machine guns, and firearms with shortened barrels. Class 3 firearms are highly regulated and it is illegal to share them.  Improper handling of class 3 firearms can result in up to 10 years of imprisonment and $250,000 fine for each violation.  You can be found guilty even if you made a mistake or violated the law by accident.  Failing to know the law is no defense.

Baim Reagler & Narmore, PLLC (“BRN”) gun trusts allow the firearms to be shared and more than one person to serve as trustee.  They provide guidance in the management of class 3 firearms.  They can create a long-term plan for the use, protection and inheritance of the firearms.  BRN gun trusts can hold money for the future care of the firearms.  The application process to purchase a firearm is easier and faster with a BRN gun trust.  Moreover, a well-designed gun trust helps prevent accidental felonies.  

BRN gun trusts are personalized.  Attorneys who draft BRN gun trusts are available for questions and can explain how the trust works.  You get much more than just a document. Wading through the regulations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is daunting.  You need a resource.

Baim Reagler & Naramore attorneys study the law and work with a community of gun trust attorneys.   We draft documents that are focused on you and meeting your needs.  Why sign a gun trust that does not meet your needs?  The risks with class 3 firearms are extensive.  Why take chances?  Call Baim Reagler & Naramore today and get a BRN gun trust.

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